Sunday, May 5, 2013

I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.
(Luke 10:19 New International Version)

Look, I have given you authority over all the power of the enemy, and you can walk among snakes
and scorpions and crush them.
(Luke 10:19 New Living Translation)

Beloved, I laugh & roll on the floor. when I hear people say they are afraid of one idol or juju as people from my country would call it.
Some people would say one god/idol or the other is so powerful & whenever someone goes to the shrine to mention their names, there would be trouble.
Let me share an incident that happened some time ago, one of my sons, Uche came to me trembling & crying like a baby. When I asked him what happened, he said one of his uncles that is being feared by all has gone to a shrine in his village to report him & whoever is reported in that shrine would go to the shrine to make sacrifices or else the person would die in 7 days.
He went ahead to say the juju is soo powerful that whoever steals in the community & they goes to the shrine to swear against the thief, & the thief didn't come forward, he or she would die in 7 days.
If someone sleeps with another person's wife, & the juju is summoned against the person, the man's organ would grow soo big & would die after 7days.
If someone offends another & the person goes to the shrine to report the person, the person would have a swollen stomach & die after 7days etc.
after Uche had finished talking, he was expecting me to pity him but saw me laughing so loud as if it was all a joke. Hahahahaha
He said, sir! It's true oo.
The juju is famous for it's powers & has killed so many people. He said some people quickly rushed to the shrine to bribe the priests there with hug sums of money to manipulate the juju against others.
I said to him, as from today, that juju would no longer exist.
He was shocked but had confidence in God & in me because he has seen God using me wrath great miracles.
I said, we're going to that village to put to an end the evil of that juju's shrine.
He shouted & said, many pastors & christians have tried to destroy the shrine many times but couldn't. Some even ended up dying.
He said at night, the juju that is made of mod (red sand) over a hundred years ago, brings out smoke from his head & the eyes shows fire at night.
I said to him, let's watch my God do what he knows how to do best.
We went to the village same day & arrived at night.
The uncle who has been threatening the man & saying he would kill was happy seeing us drove into the village in the man's SUV...thinking the man had come to apologize to him & also to appease the shrine with cow, goats, money etc but was shocked when I came down from the vehicle & asked if this is the wizard? & the Uche, the man that brought me said yes! & I turned to the uncle & told him, if you don't repent in 3days, your mouth would bend & you will die of stroke.
We went to the Igwe's (traditional ruller's) palace where I prayed for him & also told him that I have come to destroy the shrine & he gave me go ahead & behold, I went there & within 2 minutes, the shrine was burnt down with the idol pulled to the ground.
Uche was so surprised that I didn't have to dance, do some long display or anything.
But just went to the so called all powerful idol & destroyed it.
My dear, you can do thesame.
God has given you soo much powers.
No juju or witch craft powers can over power the power God has given you.
Please open your eyes.

I remain your Prophet & Friend, Solomon Koleayo.

You can reach me directly on: +971554723959.
God bless you richly.

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